Suparna Reduced 20 Kgs in 3 months

Updated: Sep 16

✔️ XXXXL to XL size drop

✔️ Reduced 20 Kgs in 3 months

✔️ Reduced Double – Chin

✔️ Online classes are very Convenient for busy Mothers

Watch her Full Interview , Learn useful Tips 👍

--So Suparna please share your Results

-- I reduced 5.5 kgs in the 1st month of joining and the later months I followed the diet plan along with the exercises and

I reduced a total of 20 kgs in 3 months

I've been a member for 3 months and I joined it due to my sleep and back pain issues.

I don't think I would have achieved this without your support.


--What are the things that worked for your achievement ?

-- I really worked on my diet plan and it suggested less sugar and less oil for me. So

I reduced my Oil count to 25ml per day
I increased the Protein intake per day by having dal , paneer , eggs & chicken

I feel that I have a lot of fat content in my body from before, and I'm taking steps to tone it up which I'm sure will be done.


-- Have you seen any Noticeable changes ?

-- Sir I used to fit in clothes of XXXXL after my delivery and now I fit into XL easily.

--Sir you can see in my previous photo I had double chin and heavy body

Now, my Collarbones started getting visible and I'm receiving Nice Compliments from my friends after weight - reduction


--What did you notice in your daily life fitness ?

--I used to have a lot of back pain before

not able to get up from floor or do jumping and that caused trouble issues in my body movements.

Now I have overcome this , feel more Active

and I have also increased the count in jumping jacks which earlier used to feel hard to me.


--What do you both feel about the Diet Plan set for you? Is it Interesting or not ?

-- Sir I have been very active these days after working out and

I feel very positive and energetic due to the exercises and my new lifestyle.


-- Did you both notice any Emotional changes / Mood Improvement beside the physical ones?

I Love how the trainers take classes via online mode with Flexible Time shifts
Classes are Fun and I'm Enjoying it. !

Online format is very Easy for Mothers’ busy schedule :)

I’m much more Confident now , getting compliments in social get-togethers .


--We are proud of your superb journey of weight and fat loss. Hope you keep transforming yourself in a better way in further days to come. Keep working hard and All the best to you.

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