Greeshma Reduced

XXXL to XL in 3 months

✔️ 8.3 Kgs Reduced with 90 Days TRANSFORMATION Plan ( Fitness Classes + Personal Dietician )

✔️ Thighs & Tummy Reduced & Toned up a lot

✔️ Can wear her favorites clothes now

✔️ Comfortable wearing sleeveless now

✔️ Following Delicious & Healthy Diet , reduced outside Junk food

✔️ Regular Fitness Classes

✔️ Likes the Personal Attention of Trainers


Complete Interview -

--Hi Greeshma ! You've been a member of Studio GX Fitness platform for quite some time. Share your Experience .

-- I joined Studio GX around 3 Months back I guess and I took the workout plan there. I later saw a lot of positive changes within me and I decided to join the transformation plan. My dietitian was Shruti Ma'am and I used to attend workout classes of both Anu ma'am and Pankaj sir. My goal was to reduce weight and I have lost about 8.3 kgs🌟 during the last 3 months. I have a goal of losing 10kgs more to reach my ideal weight and I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to do this👍

--What about the Inches and Size Drop ?

--Yeah my dress size was about XXXL before and now it has reached to XL. It is nearly like two size drops and now I'm able to wear all my favourite dresses. I have also started wearing sleeveless. Earlier I was very conscious while wearing sleeveless because of my body fat and all. Now I have toned up with my body and my inch drop is pretty visible to me. My friends started noticing that I have lost weight.

--How do you feel now after losing weight?

-- I'm feeling very good. It's like after four years I'm losing weight. I was around 98 to 100kgs after having done my delivery and now I have reduced it down to 82 kgs. I feel I still have a long way to go.

--What do you like about Studio GX classes?

--The most important thing is that they are flexible with their timing slots of exercises which is definitely not seen in any other gym platforms .I have been to other gym classes before and felt this difference here.

As a working woman this becomes easy for me because I can join the classes according to my will. If I skip the morning shift sometimes then I do have time for the evening ones. The trainers are very good and they guide everyone in the class. They are very minute in noticing everyone irrespective of the class strength. They give personal guidance to people failing in getting the correct posture or someone who's not being able to follow the diet plan regularly. Personal attention is the USP of Studio GX platform .

--How was your lifestyle or health before joining Studio GX?

--I had a very bad lifestyle before , especially with my junk eating habits. Even workouts and exercises couldn't suffice that. I have controlled that after joining Studio GX and my dietitian has helped me with that. The diet is so well planned that even if I go out of the diet which generally happens during the weekends, it doesn't affect me much. In case when my diet plan completely gets massacre due to my reasons, my dietitian suggests me another detox plan so that I lose my weight. My balance is regulating my food habits has been perfect since my dietitian guided me and I'm liking it way too much.

-- what are the things you changed within yourself after getting positive results ?

--My main change was concerned with my eating habits cause earlier I used to think that eating junk food one day and then working out on the other will reduce my weight , but that's Not the case. I had to follow a very controlled eating habit and it definitely pour the results in my body. You can consult with the dietitian in case of sudden cravings and they'll add delicious food into your diet lists. You have to keep up with the discipline and consistency of your food plan, workout and exercises. Once you see positive results after following the consistency , that becomes the biggest motivation for you.

-- What are classes and exercises you generally do ?

-- I generally do the classes of strength training and aerobics. Strength  for 4 days a week and the aerobics classes of Anu ma'am in the morning. It's going well for me and I have seen positive results in body toning as well as strength gaining. I follow the cardio classes to count the overall calorie count in my body.

--Thank you Greeshma for sharing your experience. I hope a lot of people get motivated by you.